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February 28th, 2017    

Season 5 Episode 4: Dream a little nightmare of me

Its time we had a serious discussion about these reoccurring dreams you are having. Nightmares really. Of beautiful models, bad poetry, and half given rules. We are of course talking the newest faction (sort of): Grimkin.


February 20th, 2017    

Innsmouth Brew: Star Wars Destiny

Only in the darkest, fearful nights do the Beerthralls gather to review a card or board game. Tonight is such a night. We gather, cloaked in anger and imbibing in the darkest of brews. We review Star Wars Destiny, a collectable card game produced by Fantasy Flight.


February 13th, 2017    

Season 5 Episode 3: To want fame is to prefer dying Skorned than forgotten

Hahaha see what we did there. Its our Skornisode!


January 24th, 2017    

Season 5 Episode 2: We got the hard beers out!

We have an awesome announcement today! Well... if you read our facebook page ( you already know.


We also go over the new theme forces and get a little giddy over the prospects of new lists.


Oh and James is drinking a hard root beer... really....


January 10th, 2017    

Season 5 Episode 1: New Year, More Beer

Its a new year and we have an Errata. Grab a beer, go to the bathroom... it is going to be a long episode.


December 21st, 2016    

Season 4 Episode 20: End of the year as we know it

We have had a great year. We had a new edition release, some great games, great beers, amazing movies, and more great games!


Let us share.


Except the beer... the beer is all ours!


December 5th, 2016    

Season 4 Episode 19: Ramble ramble ramble

We really don't have much to say as Warmachine and Hordes has gone silent before the big release. We talk a little about Foodmachine and other games we are messing with.


November 9th, 2016    

Season 4 Episode 18: Beerthralls homebrewed

Sorry its been a while.


James brought out his 'Arry Porter, his home brewed pumpkin beer. We really only have one topic: The new warlocks


October 13th, 2016    

Season 4 Episode 17: We have the best floating

I bet you don't read this... yeah I thought so! Because we are one step away from being a mob of creepy clowns.

We talk about stuff and things related to Warmachine.... mostly. We also have beer.

05:17 Clink

We talk about the beer and James' upcoming homebrew

11:31 Topics!

We upcoming events and plugs

Vic's drawings and clowns

upcoming Balanceratta. Congrats Skorne 2.0


October 2nd, 2016    

Season 4 Episode 16: Small, medium, and large plugs

Ya know the drill. Beer, Podcast, Nathan on Skype... wait.... Nathan is on Skype?! 

Editing is light on this one. We recorded this last Sunday and James has been overly busy at work and going slightly insane because of it.

07:46 Clink

We plug various friends, tournaments, and breweries

We talk WTC

And finally we talk Codex... ummmm Command books


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