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November 17th, 2019    

Season 7 Ep 3: Convergence, Board Games, and Dark Souls

It has been a long while. With us mostly streaming on Sundays we very rarely do a podcast but with the new stuff from PP coming out we had to chat about it. We also talk Marvel Crisis Protocol, Dark Souls, and Spirit Isle.


Welcome back!

September 9th, 2019    

Quantum Beer Break: Rhommox

We have not done one of these in a while! Since last year this time... It is about time for a QUANTUM BEER BREAK! 


We sit down and go over Rhommox, those nasty huge virus bug things that are infesting our pretty Aetherium. 


April 29th, 2019    

Innsmouth Brew: Gloomhaven Recap

Now that we have finally beaten the "final" boss in Gloomhaven, we feel like we can speak more intelligently about it. Man are we wrong. We can't do anything intelligently.

March 4th, 2019    

Season 7 Episode 2: 3dPrinting and Tharn BS

Do you know what hurts more than a thousand paper cuts covered in lemon juice with fire ants? Tharn. Stupid tharn and their tharnny BS...


Hey everyone! We are talking some 3d Printing followed up by some talk from Jake about how awesome Tharn are! Make sure you listen all the way to the end... =)

January 28th, 2019    

Season 7 Episode 1: Welcome to the new year

We are back!


Nathan, Jake, and James sit down and discuss the movement of board games going to video games and video games becoming board games. Also thrown in is our take on the sudden changes in Privateer Press.

October 30th, 2018    

Innsmouth Brew: Gloomhaven vr Kingdom Death: Monster

It is really hard to say versus because both Gloomhaven and KDM are great games. We sit down with a couple of beers and describe, contrast, and compare the two games.

October 1st, 2018    

Season 6 Episode 6: Extra Life Charity Event

We sit down late Sunday to talk about Nathan going to a tournament and how Warmachine is better than Hordes. We then start talking about the upcoming charity event. Ignore us when we say It is

September 11th, 2018    

Innsmouth Brew: Spirit Island

Pain. Fire. Hurt. These are not good descriptions but it is how we describe today's beer. Come listen as we review Spirit Island while trying to kill our taste buds.

August 13th, 2018    

Innsmouth Brew: Gencon and beyond

Welcome one and all! We have My Imaginary Girlfriend from Lost Rhino Brewery, an IPA that James chose! I know... shock. Jake, Nathan, and James talk about some stuff that came out at Gencon, the resurgence of large base models in Warmachine, and a couple new games we played.



August 7th, 2018    

Quantum Beer Break: The RezX Episode

The episode that James has been biting at the bit for! We talk about RezX; those tentacle steampunk amazing crazy people of the Aetherium world.


Don't listen to Josh and Jake... they are wrong. James is right.

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